Inspiratif! Kisah Dipo Alam, Gagal Tembus Timnas Indonesia Kini Sukses Jualan Es Krim di AS

“This player existed in the era of PSSI dualism. Do you still remember?” – Once upon a time, Dipo Alam had become the talk of supporters of Indonesian football. Having the status of a player abroad in the Netherlands, he was called home to strengthen the Indonesian national team in the era of dualism Indonesian Super League (ISL) And Indonesian Premier League (IPL). But, failed miserably.

Dipo Alam started his football career at a very young age. Initially, on the streets in Jakarta with peers. Then, join SSB.

Dipo Alam began to seriously pursue football when he represented DKI Jakarta at U-15 Bogasari League And U-18 Soeratin Cup. Then, elected to enter IndonesiaFootball Academy (IFA), who studied in England. Then, continuing his career to the Netherlands in an amateur team, Heemstedewhile at school.

Had a trial at the club Erste Division, telstarDipo Alam then traveled to the United States (US) to join Chivas USA, Turbo FC, LA Legends, LA Blues, to Deportivo Knights. There, he played football while attending school.

Suddenly, in 2012, PSSI called Dipo Alam home to join the Indonesian national team together Irfan Bachdim, Ferdinand Sinaga, and several other “IPL national team” players. At that time, he was 21 years old.

Unfortunately he came at the wrong time because PSSI was in a big conflict. Then, he trial with Sriwijaya FC, Persebaya 1927, Arema IPL, And Persib Japan. From the several trials he underwent, Dipo Alam made a deal with one of the clubs, viz Arema IPL.

However, when he was about to sign the contract, fate took him on another path. Government intervention in 2015 resulted in Indonesian football being frozen by FIFA. “At that time, I said 100 percent I couldn’t play football anymore. I decided to retire and focus on business,” said Dipo Alam, reported by VOA Indonesia.

So, Dipo Alam chose to return to Uncle Sama’s Country. With their permanent resident status, Dipo Alam can move freely. He continued his studies in Business Management at Pasadena City College, California. Then, plunged into the culinary business.

Initially, Dipo Alam worked in a restaurant as a dishwasher to support his life needs. Then, became a waiter at the Genghis Grill franchise restaurant. Next, move on to the Pretzel and Potato Corner. Here, he became the district manager, tasked with improving the sales performance of his branches.

It was while working for Potato Corner that Dipo Alam started to get involved in business. He made a bid to take ownership of a Potato Corner outlet in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This is where Dipo Alam’s business continues to grow. Then, he opened the Paleta Bar franchise. This is a fairly popular ice cream business in the state of New Mexico. And, it was in this business that Dipo Alam scored great success. He has more than 40 stores in seven US states. Crazy!

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